About us

Learn more about the rich history of Davidson’s General Store and what makes our establishment so special!

The renovation and reopening of Davidson’s General Store by Marilyn Lusker and her brother, Bill Kocher, was a labor of love! With a committed team, they brought back to the community the beloved General Store, which had closed its doors almost 60 years ago, in 1963. Many local residents still remember coming to Davidson’s as children to get their penny candy or being sent down by their mother to pick up a last minute bottle of milk or some sugar from Mr. and Mrs. Davidson.

Davidson’s General Store was the hub of De Bruce, NY and brought the local communities together due to its central location and conveniences, such as a post office and later, a gas station. Mahlon Davidson, renowned fly-tier and fly fisherman, also supplied all the anglers who came to fish the famed Willowemoc.

Today, we honor Mr. and Mrs. Davidson and their contribution to our hamlet and our surrounding communities with an area dedicated to the history of the store. We have a mini museum where we share photos and memorabilia from the original store. We have also done our best to stay true to the General Store idea and esthetics to create an experience like no other here at Davidson’s General Store.


At Davidson’s General Store we strive to provide a welcoming atmosphere, products that are needed and some that are unique and fun, at prices that are fair and respectful.

Sullivan county, nEW YORK

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